Rarity and characteristics

Grandidierite is not just one of the rarest and most prestigious gems in the world. With a hardness of 7.5, it’s resistant to nearly any type of scratching and would be perfect as a center stone in any type of jewelry.


One of the features that makes Grandidierite a gems collector's dream is it's ability to exhibit a neon saturated color. Most gems that belong on the list of the top 10 rarest gemstones in the world don’t commonly possess both coloration and extreme rarity like Grandidierite. Most would even say that its deep neon blue saturation would resemble deeper colored Paraiba tourmalines which are considered to be one of the most beautiful and desired gems in the world. Rarity, saturation, durability and beauty are all the features that contribute to the gems magnificent qualities. 

However, Grandidierite's natural scarcity isn't the only determinant of the gems rarity. Only approximately 30 percent of all Grandidierite mined is facetable material and only 1-2 percent of that is crystallised, meaning there are very few crystallised faceted grandidierite gems in the world. This is one of the reasons it can sell for tens of thousands of dollars.
Due to its undeniable beauty, unique neon blue color and rarity, Grandidierite has been listed by Forbes magazine as the 3rd most expensive gemstone in the world as seen by clicking the link below. 
Meanwhile, with over 90 percent of gems in the market today having been enhanced or treated in some way, Grandidierite is one of the very few gemstones that are never enhanced and is completely in its natural state.